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RO: Radiation Oncology Curriculum

RO: Radiation Oncology Curriculum

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CEUs: AAPC - 17.5, AHIMA - 32, ARRT 24

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These courses are ideal for coding and billing professionals working in the physician practice or hospital outpatient setting.  The curriculum includes a course on patient visits and other evaluation and management services, one for hospital coders (ROH) and one for physician practice coders (ROP).  The curriculum also includes a course on ICD-10-CM diagnosis coding (RO2) as well as 5 courses on radiation therapy modalities.  The modalities are general external beam radiation therapy (RO3), IMRT (RO4), stereotactic radiosurgery and radiotherapy (RO5), brachytherapy (RO6), and therapeutic nuclear medicine (RO7).  Each course explains procedure techniques, coding guidelines, modifier use, coverage issues, and reimbursement considerations.  The courses contain examples, case studies and multiple-choice exercises to improve comprehension and retention.  At the end of each course there is a multiple-choice assessment to test the learner’s knowledge of the material.

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