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X-Rays and Fluoroscopy Proficiency Assessment

X-Rays and Fluoroscopy Proficiency Assessment

Duration: 1-2 hours

Enhance your radiology coding skills with our X-Rays and Fluoroscopy Proficiency Assessment, on in a series of assessments by RCCB and RCCS. This detailed assessment is meticulously designed to evaluate your expertise in coding for a variety of x-ray and fluoroscopy procedures. Featuring 40 questions covering skeletal, chest, and abdominal x-rays, as well as more specialized studies like esophagrams and myelograms, this assessment offers a thorough evaluation of your coding knowledge in these essential radiographic techniques.  

Key Features: 

  • Wide-Ranging Radiographic Coverage: Address coding scenarios across essential and specialized x-ray and fluoroscopy procedures, ensuring a comprehensive test of your abilities.  

  • Detailed Feedback for Learning: Each question provides immediate feedback upon submission, including the correct answer and a detailed rationale to aid in understanding the complexities of radiographic coding.  

  • Realistic Coding Challenges: Crafted to reflect real-life coding situations, this assessment ensures that your skills are tested and refined in contexts that mimic actual medical coding environments.  


  • Enhanced Diagnostic Coding Skills: Deepen your understanding and accuracy in coding a wide array of radiographic procedures, crucial for any radiology coding specialist.  

  • Improved Coding Proficiency: Learn to navigate complex coding requirements for various radiographic studies, including bone density and joint survey studies.  

  • Recognition of Expertise: Utilize the successful completion of this assessment to demonstrate your proficiency and stand out in the competitive field of medical coding.  

Master the intricacies of x-ray and fluoroscopy coding with our Proficiency Assessment, a crucial tool for advancing your career and ensuring excellence in radiology coding.  

About this assessment:

  • Who is this assessment designed for? This assessment is ideal for medical coders, billing specialists, and other healthcare professionals focused on or interested in the coding of x-ray and fluoroscopic procedures, particularly in radiology.  

  • What areas does the assessment cover? It covers a broad range of procedures including skeletal x-rays, chest and abdominal x-rays, various fluoroscopic studies such as barium enemas and swallowing studies, and specialized imaging like arthrograms and myelograms.  

  • How is feedback provided during the assessment? Feedback is provided immediately after each answer is submitted, detailing the correct choice along with an explanatory rationale that clarifies the coding standards and practices relevant to each question.  

  • What are the benefits of completing this assessment? Completing the assessment can help improve your coding skills for x-ray and fluoroscopy procedures, identify areas where further training is needed, and enhance your credentials within the medical coding community, particularly in radiology.  

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