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2024 RCCIR Certification Webinars

2024 RCCIR Certification Webinars

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This series of 4 on-demand webinars is intended for coders who are preparing to take the RCCIR examination and prefer instructor-led training. The webinars will be designed for coders who have at least 1 year of experience in interventional radiology coding. The goal is to clarify problem areas and reinforce key learning points, not to teach interventional radiology coding.  The combined webinar time will be 8 hours, and participants should allow about an hour for each of the 4 post-tests, for a total of 12 hours of learning.

Session #1: Anatomy, Terminology, and Diagnosis Coding
Session #2: Procedure Coding Part 1
Session #3: Procedure Coding Part 2
Session #4: Compliance and Test-Taking Tips

1. Review of the specific anatomy and terminology used in interventional coding.
​2. Clarifies ICD-10-CM guidelines and diagnosis codes related to interventional procedures to assist the RCCIR candidate in understanding what they may experience on the exam.
3. Explains in detail the procedures that are typically performed by an interventional radiologist.
4. Gives a comprehensive outline of compliance issues that may affect the interventional radiologist and step-by-step instructions to approach and resolve these issues.

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