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Radiology ICD-10-CM Proficiency Assessment

Radiology ICD-10-CM Proficiency Assessment

Duration: 1-2 hours

Elevate your radiology coding expertise with our Radiology ICD-10-CM Proficiency Assessment. This advanced assessment tool is designed to challenge your knowledge of ICD-10-CM coding in the context of radiology, featuring 60 randomly generated questions that cover a comprehensive range of scenarios you might encounter in a clinical setting. This dynamic testing experience is essential for coders looking to validate their skills and identify areas for further development.  

Key Features: 

  • Dynamic Question Pool: Engage with 60 randomly selected questions each time you take the assessment, ensuring a unique testing experience that covers a broad spectrum of radiology coding challenges.  

  • Immediate Detailed Feedback: Gain immediate insight into each response, with detailed rationales for the correct answers provided to help you understand the intricacies of ICD-10-CM coding in radiology.  

  • Comprehensive Coverage: Test your knowledge on a wide array of radiology-specific coding situations, reinforcing your understanding and application of the ICD-10-CM coding system.  


  • Enhanced Coding Proficiency: Improve your ability to accurately code radiology procedures using ICD-10-CM, increasing your effectiveness and value as a medical coder.  

  • Knowledge Validation and Gap Identification: Use the assessment to measure your coding strengths and pinpoint areas where additional training may be beneficial.  

  • Professional Development: Completing this assessment can contribute to your professional growth and credibility, showcasing your commitment to maintaining high standards in medical coding.  

Strengthen your coding capabilities with our Radiology ICD-10-CM Proficiency Assessment, a critical resource for anyone aiming to excel in the specialized field of radiology coding.  

About this assessment:

  • Who is this assessment designed for? This assessment is tailored for medical coders, billing specialists, and healthcare professionals who focus on or are interested in radiology coding within the ICD-10-CM framework.  

  • What areas does the assessment cover? It covers a wide range of radiology coding scenarios, ensuring comprehensive testing of your ability to apply ICD-10-CM codes correctly in various clinical situations.  

  • How is feedback provided during the assessment? Feedback is provided immediately after each answer is submitted, detailing the correct choice along with a rationale that explains the correct coding process, enhancing your learning experience.  

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