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Radiation Oncology Proficiency Assessment

Radiation Oncology Proficiency Assessment

Duration: 1-2 hours

Introducing our Radiation Oncology Proficiency Assessment, a brand-new proficiency assessment designed by RCCB and RCCS. This assessment is the first of its kind to provide an independent evaluation of coding expertise specifically for radiation oncology services. Through a series of carefully crafted questions, this exam tests knowledge in critical areas of radiation oncology coding and provides immediate feedback on each response to reinforce understanding of the key concepts and the rationale behind correct coding practices.  

Key Features: 

  • Specialized Focus: Dedicated entirely to radiation oncology, covering essential topics such as ICD-10-CM coding for oncology encounters, simulation and immobilization device coding, dosimetry services, and more.  

  • Immediate, Constructive Feedback: Learn from each question with instant feedback that explains the correct answers and provides insights into common coding challenges in radiation oncology.  

  • Comprehensive Coverage: Explore a range of complex topics including image guidance, stereotactic treatment delivery, and the correct application of coding edits and modifiers.  


  • Enhanced Coding Accuracy: Improve your ability to accurately code a variety of procedures and services within radiation oncology, a key skill for specialists in this field.  

  • Deepened Understanding: Gain a deeper understanding of the nuances involved in radiation oncology coding, enhancing your competency and confidence in handling these claims.  

  • Professional Development: Use the completion of this assessment to demonstrate your specialized knowledge in radiation oncology coding, potentially advancing your career and professional reputation.  

Challenge yourself and confirm your expertise with our Radiation Oncology Proficiency Assessment, designed to be an essential tool for anyone seeking to excel in the coding of radiation oncology services.  

About this assessment:

  • Who is this assessment designed for? This assessment is specifically designed for medical coders and billing specialists who focus on or are interested in specializing in radiation oncology.  

  • What topics does the assessment cover? It covers a comprehensive range of topics crucial to radiation oncology coding, including ICD-10-CM coding for oncology encounters, dosimetry services, image guidance, and stereotactic treatment management.  

  • How is feedback provided during the assessment? Feedback is provided immediately after each answer is submitted, detailing the correct choice along with a rationale to explain the correct coding process and help refine coding strategies.  

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