PM: Pain Management Curriculum

Duration: 31 hours

CEUs: AAPC - 1.5, AHIMA - 26

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Elevate your coding and billing expertise with our Comprehensive Pain Management Coding Curriculum. Specifically tailored for professionals in physician practices and hospital outpatient settings, this curriculum covers a full spectrum of pain management coding topics. From evaluation and management services to the intricacies of coding for spinal procedures, nerve blocks, and advanced device implants, each course in the curriculum is designed to enhance your skills and knowledge in pain management coding.  

Curriculum Overview: 

Course Features: 

  • In-Depth Learning Modules: Each course includes detailed explanations of procedure techniques, coding guidelines, modifier usage, coverage issues, and reimbursement strategies.  

What You'll Gain: 

  • Comprehensive Coding Proficiency: Become proficient in a wide range of pain management coding practices, ensuring accuracy and compliance in your work.  

  • Enhanced Career Opportunities: Equip yourself with specialized knowledge that can lead to career advancement in the field of medical coding for pain management. 

Expected Completion Time: Each course is designed to be completed in a manageable timeframe, with total curriculum completion depending on individual pacing but typically requiring several weeks to a few months.  

About this course:

  • Who is this curriculum designed for? It is tailored for medical coders, billing specialists, and healthcare professionals working in pain management within physician practices or outpatient settings.  

  • What will I learn from this curriculum? You will learn everything from basic evaluation and management coding to advanced procedures in pain management, including the use of sophisticated implanted devices. 

  • What are the benefits of completing this curriculum? Completing this curriculum enhances your coding accuracy, ensures compliance with current coding standards, and improves your professional qualifications in the specialized field of pain management coding.  

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are the prerequisites for our courses?

For most of our courses there are no prerequisites for each course. Unless the course is part of a curriculum that continues to explain previous topics. Each course can be bought individually or as part of a curriculum.

How is student performance assessed and tracked?

Our courses provide instant feedback on questions and provide guidance to help you answer correctly next time.
How do I get help if I have questions during the course?
Each course will provide you instant feedback on questions that were answered incorrectly, assisting you correct your mistakes. If you have follow up questions, feel free to email us at We also have our CRC services that provide 24/7 access to our experts to help you with all your questions.

What type of certification will I receive upon completion?

Each course provides CEU certifications from nationally recognized organizations such AAPC, RCCB, AARP and AHIMA. You must complete and pass the assessment upon course completion to ensure understanding of topics covered. Check the product description for more information. 
What technical requirements do I need to meet to participate in the course?
There a no technical requirements to access our courses. During your purchase you will be asked to create an account and will be given access to the content. After purchase, all purchased content will be accessible on our platform.
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