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IVR: Interventional Radiology Curriculum

IVR: Interventional Radiology Curriculum

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CEUs: AAPC - 16, AHIMA - 27, RCCB 27

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The Interventional Radiology curriculum is a collection of 6 online courses that cover all aspects of procedure coding for interventional radiology services. This 6-course curriculum includes Upper Body Arteriograms (IVR1) Lower Body Arteriograms (IVR2), Non-Arterial Vascular Procedures (IVR3), Transcatheter Therapies such as angioplasty and stenting (IVR4), Non-vascular Interventions like tube placements and biopsies (IVR5), and Endovascular Repair (IVR6).  Each course explains procedure techniques, coding guidelines, modifier use, coverage issues, and reimbursement considerations.  The courses contain examples, case studies and multiple-choice exercises to improve comprehension and retention.  At the end of each course there is a multiple-choice assessment to test the learner’s knowledge of the material.  In addition to coding guidelines, the Interventional Radiology curriculum contains explanations of relevant anatomy, procedure techniques, and documentation requirements.  Participants have the opportunity to hone their skills by coding actual procedure notes and receiving immediate feedback on their code selections. 

The curriculum also includes printable study guides with anatomic diagrams to assist in the coding process. 

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