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CROWN® 2025 Medical Oncology & Infusion Centers Virtual Seminar

CROWN® 2025 Medical Oncology & Infusion Centers Virtual Seminar

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Virtual Event Date: Thursday, January 9th, 2025 
Time: 10:00am - 6:00pm EST 
CEUs Applied For: AAPC, ARRT and AHIMA

The coding rules for drug administration are complex, and it’s easy to make errors. This session is designed to help you make sense of the rules and apply them correctly. Using coding examples, participants will gain an understanding of coding and billing drug and biological administration services by understanding how the hierarchy or reason for encounter establishes the initial code. This includes understanding how to code for sequential, concurrent, IV push, injections, and hydration during the same encounter. You will also gain an appreciation for the importance of accurate HPCPS coding to include drug units, waste, and required modifiers.


Session Topics:

The session will cover the following topics:

  • Authoritative guidance and coding resources
  • ICD-10-CM coding reminders for neoplasms and complications of care
  • Correct utilization of chemotherapy and immunotherapy antineoplastic encounter codes
  • Appropriate utilization of the 25 modifier
  • Utilization of the drug administration hierarchy for CPT® coding
  • Understanding differences between chemotherapy and therapeutic administrations and when to use them
  • Identification of initial, sequential, and concurrent administrations
  • Tips for calculating and reporting additional hours of infusion
  • Review of guidelines and medical necessity requirements related to hydration services
  • Correct coding for specimen collection, common hematology and bone marrow services
  • Accurate calculation of HCPCS units for drugs and biologicals
  • Billing for new or unclassified drugs and biologicals
  • Understanding when drug waste is billable and how to report it
  • Real-life examples of infusion encounters including chemotherapy, therapeutic drugs, and hydration

Session Includes: 

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Virtual CROWN participants can choose between a hard copy of the included Navigator coding guide, or opt for the eNav® electronic version of each guide and save $25 on your session!

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