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Computed Tomography Proficiency Assessment

Computed Tomography Proficiency Assessment

This assessment is one in a series from RCCB and RCCS, designed to test and enhance your coding skills in various CT procedures. Comprising 40 questions, this assessment covers a broad range of topics from computed tomography angiography to CT colonography and 3D postprocessing. Ideal for coders looking to validate their expertise or prepare for certification exams, this tool not only assesses your knowledge but also provides detailed feedback, including correct answers and rationales for each question.  

Key Features: 

  • Diverse Content Coverage: Questions span multiple CT procedures, including CTA, cardiac CT/CTA, LDCT lung cancer screening, CT myelography, CT colonography, and 3D postprocessing.  

  • In-Depth Feedback: After submission, receive comprehensive feedback on each question, helping to clarify misconceptions and reinforce learning.  

  • Educational Rationales: Understand the "why" behind each correct answer, which is crucial for mastering complex coding scenarios.  


  • Skill Validation: Assess and confirm your coding abilities in a variety of computed tomography procedures. 

  • Continued Professional Development: Use the feedback to identify areas of strength and opportunities for growth in your coding practice.  

  • Certification Preparation: An excellent resource for those preparing for professional coding exams, offering a focused way to practice and improve test-taking skills.  

Whether you are a professional seeking to bolster your resume or a student gearing up for a coding certification, this Computed Tomography Proficiency Assessment is an invaluable tool for advancing your expertise.  

About this assessment:

  • Who should consider taking this Computed Tomography Proficiency Assessment? This assessment is designed for medical coders specializing in radiology, particularly those who work with or intend to work with computed tomography. It’s also ideal for those preparing for radiology-related coding certifications.  

  • What specific CT procedures does the assessment cover? It includes computed tomography angiography (CTA), cardiac CT/CTA, low-dose CT (LDCT) for lung cancer screening, CT myelography, CT colonography, and 3D postprocessing.  

  • How is feedback provided in this assessment? The feedback includes not only the correct answers but also detailed explanations for each choice, offering learners insights into correct coding practices and helping to solidify their understanding of complex procedures.  

  • How does this assessment aid in preparation for coding exams? By simulating the conditions of certification exams and providing targeted practice on key topics, this assessment helps improve both knowledge and exam-taking skills, making it an effective preparation tool.  

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