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2024 RCCIR Essentials Handbook

2024 RCCIR Essentials Handbook

This RCCIR Essentials Handbook is specifically designed to support candidates preparing for the Radiology Certified Coder-Interventional Radiology (RCCIR) certification exam. Offering a high-level overview of each critical content area, including ICD-10-CM Diagnosis Coding, CPT® Procedure Coding, Anatomy & Terminology, and Ethics & Compliance/Administration/HIPAA, the handbook provides a comprehensive foundation for your exam preparation.  

Key Features: 

  • Comprehensive Content Overviews: Gain insights into each exam content area, ensuring you have a broad understanding of the material covered in the RCCIR exam.  

  • Key Learning Points: Focus on crucial information with highlighted key learning points across all content areas, enhancing your study efficiency.  

  • Extensive Practice Questions: Test your knowledge and exam readiness with 400 total practice questions, offering a robust review of the four content areas.  

  • Resource Compilation: Benefit from a curated list of publications, websites, and other resources (RCCIR Tools) to deepen your understanding and expand your study materials.  

Ideal For: 

  • Individuals aiming to achieve the RCCIR certification.  

  • Radiology coding professionals seeking a structured review guide for exam preparation.  

  • Anyone looking to consolidate their knowledge in interventional radiology coding through practice questions and resource exploration.  

Step into your RCCIR exam with confidence, backed by the comprehensive preparation offered by the RCCIR Essentials Handbook.  

About this book:

  • Can this handbook teach me radiology coding from scratch? While the RCCIR Essentials Handbook provides a high-level overview and key learning points, it is designed to supplement existing knowledge, making it most beneficial for individuals with some background in radiology coding.  

  • What makes the practice questions in this handbook valuable? With 400 questions spanning the four content areas of the exam, the practice questions provide a comprehensive review that simulates the format and scope of the RCCIR exam, allowing candidates to gauge their preparedness and identify areas needing further study.  

  • Where can I find the additional resources listed in the RCCIR Tools section? The handbook includes a list of publications, websites, and other resources that can be directly accessed or purchased through their respective publishers or platforms, offering candidates a pathway to expand their study materials and deepen their knowledge. 

Study Guide For RCCIR Certification Exam

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