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2024 RCC Essentials Handbook

2024 RCC Essentials Handbook

The RCC Essentials Handbook provides Radiology Certified Coders (RCCs) and those preparing for the RCC exam with the core knowledge needed to thrive in the ever-changing healthcare landscape. This handbook lays the foundation for success in the dynamic healthcare coding environment, offering a deep dive into the critical knowledge areas of radiology coding. With a focus on the core competencies required for excellence in the field, the RCC Essentials Handbook serves as both an exam preparation tool and a professional development resource.  

Key Features: 

  • Comprehensive Content Overviews: Engage with high-level summaries of key content areas, including ICD-10-CM Diagnosis Coding, CPT® Procedure Coding, Anatomy & Terminology, and Ethics & Compliance/Administration/HIPAA.  

  • Key Learning Points: Distill crucial information with focused learning points, streamlining your study process and reinforcing essential knowledge.  

  • RCC Tools: Access an extensive list of publications, websites, and resources for further exploration and depth of study.  

  • Extensive Practice Questions: Challenge your understanding and application of radiology coding principles with 400 total questions across the four content areas, complete with answers and rationales for comprehensive learning.  

Ideal For:  

  • Professionals preparing for the RCC certification exam, seeking a thorough review and test preparation.  

  • Experienced radiology coders aiming to refresh their knowledge and stay current in the field.  

  • Medical billing and coding educators looking for a comprehensive resource to support their curriculum.  

Embark on a journey to mastery in radiology coding with the RCC Essentials Handbook, your partner in achieving certification success and professional growth.  

About this book:  

  • Is the RCC Essentials Handbook suitable for beginners in radiology coding? While the handbook is designed to enhance the knowledge base of those with some experience in radiology coding, beginners will also find it an invaluable resource for building a solid foundation in the field.  

  • How does this handbook aid in preparing for the RCC exam? With targeted content overviews, key learning points, and an extensive set of practice questions, the handbook is structured to improve comprehension and test readiness, focusing on areas crucial for success on the RCC exam.  

  • What makes the practice questions in the handbook valuable? The practice questions are crafted to reflect the format and complexity of the RCC exam, enabling candidates to gauge their preparedness, identify areas for improvement, and understand the rationale behind correct coding practices.  

  • Can the RCC Tools section help me expand my study resources? Absolutely. The RCC Tools section provides curated lists of additional resources, including publications and websites, allowing you to broaden your study materials and gain deeper insights into radiology coding.  

Study Guide For The RCC Certification Exam 

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