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2024 RCC Examination Prep

2024 RCC Examination Prep

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The RCC Examination Prep provides Radiology Certified Coders (RCCs) and those preparing for the RCC exam with the core knowledge and confidence needed to thrive in the ever-changing healthcare landscape. The four self-paced courses are designed to reinforce key learning points and to clarify problem areas from the exam. Users will test comprehension by completing coding exercises and taking a final assessment. The courses are not designed to teach radiology coding, but to reinforce knowledge for those preparing for the RCC examination; therefore it is recommended that users have at least one year of Radiology coding experience. The courses have an estimated seat time of 8 hours in total.

Online Courses:  

  • Course #1: Anatomy and Terminology
  • Course #2: Radiology Diagnosis Coding
  • Course #3: Radiology Procedure Coding
  • Course #4: Radiology Compliance
RCC Examination Prep
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