2024 Navigator Medical coding book for Brachytherapy
2024 Navigator® Brachytherapy Medical Coding Guide
2024 Navigator® Brachytherapy Medical Coding Guide

2024 Navigator® Brachytherapy Medical Coding Guide

The Navigator Brachytherapy Medical Coding Guides includes all information about brachytherapy coding from the Navigator Radiation Oncology Coding Guide, as well as general radiation oncology coding and billing guidelines. This essential resource is a comprehensive guide for medical coders, billing specialists, and oncologists.   

Key Features: 

  • Exclusive Insights: Stay informed on the changes and clarifications to codes, coding guidelines, and billing requirements that happen annually to ensure that your practice remains current and compliant.  

  • Up-to-date Information: A supplement will be provided to keep you up to date and provide useful information on changes and clarification to codes, coding guidelines, billing requirements, and other key areas of concern as they arise.  

  • In-Depth Coverage and Practical Examples: Delve into detailed explanations of every aspect of brachytherapy, including HDR, LDR, and intracavitary treatments, enhanced by real-world coding scenarios and case studies to illustrate common challenges and solutions.  

Possible Benefits: 

  • Maximize Reimbursements: Accurate coding based on the latest standards and guidelines ensures maximum appropriate reimbursement, reducing the risk of audits and financial penalties.  

  • Elevate Coding Expertise: Enhance your knowledge and skills in coding for brachytherapy and radiation oncology to become an indispensable asset to your team.  

  • Streamlined Billing Process: Simplify the billing process with clear, concise, and current information, facilitating more efficient management of oncology coding.  

About this Navigator Coding Guide :  

  • Who is this book intended for? This book is designed for medical coders, billing professionals, oncologists, radiation therapists, and healthcare administrators who are involved in the billing and coding processes of cancer treatment, particularly brachytherapy and general radiation oncology.  

  • Does the guide cover general radiation oncology coding or is it specific to brachytherapy? While the primary focus is on brachytherapy, this comprehensive guide also covers general radiation oncology coding and billing guidelines. It provides an extensive overview of coding practices across the spectrum of radiation oncology treatments.  

  • How does this book help in practical coding scenarios? The guide includes practical examples, real-world coding scenarios, and case studies that illustrate common coding challenges and demonstrate how to resolve them effectively. This hands-on approach helps readers apply the book’s insights to their day-to-day work.  

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Navigator® medical coding guides and job aids

Navigator® coding guides are created by industry experts to improve your billing processes and maximize your financial outcomes, your partners in success. 

What makes our Navigator® coding guides different?

At RCCS, we bring over 25 years of expertise in medical coding and billing. Our team is composed of nationally recognized industry leaders with deep knowledge across various healthcare sectors, both clinical and non-clinical. As trusted partners to private practices, healthcare systems, hospitals, healthcare vendors, and other industry stakeholders, we are committed to elevating standards and driving success. RCCS is the benchmark of professional excellence and innovative solutions in medical coding and billing.

Comprehensive coverage

Our diverse range of Navigator® guides have been expertly designed to guide you through the specific challenges of different medical specialties and specific types of services within each. 

Our 11 different Navigator® coding guides are crafted to cover crucial concepts and provide proven strategies to master each area.

Exam preparation

Transform your understanding and approach to medical coding with our RCC and RCCIR Essential Handbooks and Exam Preparation Curricula. 

These tools prepare you to complete and pass the Radiology Certified Coder and Radiology Certified Coder-Interventional Radiology exams.

Applicable scenarios

Benefit from expert guidance paired with real-life scenarios that bring theoretical knowledge to life, equipping you with the skills needed to excel in various specialties. 

Whether you're looking to enhance your expertise in a particular field or broaden your overall coding skills, our Navigator® guides offer tailored, actionable insights that lead to real results.

Real World Experience

Experience significant improvements in efficiency and charge capture with expert recommendations from RCCS. Our insights are specifically tailored to reduce denial rates, streamline billing processes, and maximize reimbursements.

Extra Features:

Easy to use

Available in multiple formats for your preferences and learning style. Whether you prefer the tangible feel of a hard copy. the convenience of a digital version, or both, you can choose the format that best suits your needs. 

Tools and resources

Navigator® coding guides include unique appendices designed to simplify the coding of complicated procedures. These tools empower you to tackle intricate coding challenges with ease, enhancing your efficiency and accuracy. 

Interactive elements

Navigator® coding guides are designed to streamline your coding process and enhance accuracy, featuring innovative decision trees that guide your coding decisions. Each Navigator® coding guide is equipped with a range of useful resources, ensuring you have all the tools at your fingertips to tackle coding challenges confidently and effectively. 
Navigator® coding guides are available across multiple specialties. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How up to date is the information in the book?

After purchasing a Navigator®, you will be notified if there are any changes to the contents of your Navigator. Note: If no changes are made, no changes will be published.

Does this book prepare me for a certification exam?

This book does not directly prepare you for a certification exam but our buyers have reported that our Navigator® gave them a new perspective to topics tested in the certification exam. Our navigator® guides will provide them a broader understanding of concepts with proven strategies for these.
What makes this book different from other medical coding books?
Our navigator® coding guides are unique because they are written by experts with 25+ years of experience. Covering unique topics, offered in a variety of specialties, 40,000+ copies sold.

Elevate Your Coding Knowledge  

Our Navigator® coding guides are full of information from the experience of our industry experts. You will learn tips, guidelines and gain real life experience applicable to your specialty. 

Optimize your current processes for efficiency and accuracy with the guidance on billing guidelines, documentation and experience. 

About Us:

We are the industry leader in healthcare focused on providing unparalleled services and support to your organization. Experience in both clinical and non-clinical areas, our nationally recognized team offers expertise in coding, training, compliance and more. 
  • Our Mission

    Helping our clients enhance efficiency, ensure compliance, and prosper within the ever-evolving healthcare industry​.
  • 25+ Years of Experience

    We’re more than an outsourced coding solution. When you work with RCCS, you can expect hands-on support from our strategic consultants and certified coding staff.
  • Industry leader

    Providing expert services and educational resources across various medical specialties, aimed at optimizing revenue cycle management and compliance.
Each Navigator® coding guide is updated annually to reflect the latest guidelines and information impacting specific specialties.


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